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Articles and insights from the media and Ohio State Energy Partners.

Ohio State Energy Partners announces return of campus-wide student energy competition
Nationally exhibited artist featured at ENGIE
Sustainability Institute: Solar-Powered Bus Stop at Ohio Union
Columbus artist, Nikolaos Hulme art featured at ENGIE
ENGIE sponsored Ohio State’s annual hackathon and awarded $1,000 to a team of students
OSU alumnus and Film Studies Program Coordinator, Matt Swift art featured at ENGIE
Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE’s Global CEO, visited Ohio State Sept. 25
Retired Ohio State cancer epidemiologist art featured in McCracken Power Plant Sept. 1
Energy-efficient CHP proposed for Ohio State
University sees sustainability improvements from energy partnership
Smart Campus Challenge Winners Travel to Paris, France with ENGIE
Ohio State Energy Partners sponsors third annual WestFest event

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State Energy Partners announce the 2nd Annual Residence Hall Energy Competition which will include 20 residence halls at The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus from March 1 to March 31, 2021.

Each participating residence hall will compete to consume less energy compared to their baseline energy use documented at the beginning of the competition.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Betsy DeFusco, local visual artist and Ohio State alum has been selected by ENGIE to display her artwork in the ENGIE suite in McCracken Power Plant on The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus.

DeFusco received a degree in Art Education from the University of Dayton and an MFA in Painting from The Ohio State University. Her work has been widely exhibited nationally and on display in a variety of galleries across the area.

Students from the College of Engineering who were finalists in the Smart Campus Challenge and received a $20,000 grant have now completed their project and installed solar panels at the Ohio Union campus bus stop.

In Spring 2019, teams of three to five students from every Ohio State campus submitted projects that support Ohio State’s sustainability goals by entering the Smart Campus Challenge, a venture capitalist-style, sustainability competition where student teams pitched their ideas to a range of CEOs and Ohio State directors, students and professors for the chance to have their dream project funded. The competition was hosted by Ohio State Energy Partners, a joint venture of ENGIE and Axium Infrastructure, selected in 2017 by Ohio State to operate, maintain and optimize the university’s utility system at the more than 400-building campus in Columbus, Ohio, under a 50-year contract.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Nikolaos Hulme, local visual artist, has been selected by ENGIE to display his artwork in the ENGIE suite in McCracken Power Plant on The Ohio State University’s Columbus campus.

Fundamentally self-taught, Hulme finds inspiration from his life to create an elaborate experience within his many works of art. His recent work explores a type of order within chaos and the persistent struggle between light and dark.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – On Nov. 2-3, ENGIE co-sponsored HackOHI/O, Ohio State’s annual 24-hour hackathon and awarded $1,000 to a team of students who created a “hack” to help the public understand complicated energy concepts.

A hackathon is an event, which takes place over several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. A hack is a usually creatively improvised solution to a computer hardware or programming problem or limitation.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Matt Swift, Ohio State alumnus and Program Coordinator for The Ohio State University Film Studies Program, has been selected by ENGIE to display his artwork in the ENGIE suite in McCracken Power Plant.

In 2001, an unfortunate accident left Swift with nerve damage in his hands. Swift had to find a new way to express himself in his art.

Swift’s recent work explores the intersection of human interaction and programmed robots. These alternative methods of landscape and portrait painting overcome his physical disability and allow him to implement various digital technologies.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE’s Global CEO, visited The Ohio State University on Sept. 25 to meet with Michael V. Drake, President of Ohio State and celebrate the 50-year partnership ENGIE has with the university to operate, maintain and optimize the university’s utility system at the Columbus campus.

Kocher was joined by Gwenaelle Avice-Huet, CEO of ENGIE North America and other members of ENGIE’s executive team to see Ohio State’s campus, meet with university leaders, connect with ENGIE’s team in McCracken Power Plant and speak to a leadership class of freshmen engineers.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – John L. Wilson M.S. Ph.D., local artist and retired cancer epidemiologist and Director of Outcomes Management at The Ohio State University’s James Comprehensive Cancer Center, has been selected by ENGIE to display his artwork in the ENGIE suite in McCracken Power Plant.

Wilson is an impressionist artist whose peaceful landscapes depict the summers he and his family have spent in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod.

More energy-efficient systems are in the offing at Ohio State University. Just two years after sealing a $1.165 billion, 50-year energy plan with Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP) ­covering the school’s heating, power and cooling systems, a $288 million combined heat and power (CHP) plant awaits approval as part of a $393 million total capital improvement plan.

OSEP, a joint venture of Engie North America and Axium Infrastructure of Montreal and New York, is seeking trustee approval of the plan. Last spring, trustees approved $10 million to design the plant. If approved, the plant will be completed in fall 2021. Once online, it is projected to cut University carbon emissions by 35% and reduce the amount of electricity the school will have to purchase in the market.

Two years into a 50-year partnership, The Ohio State University continues to see improvement in its energy management and sustainability through tangible initiatives such as smart metering and lighting upgrades. Future improvements, including a Combined Heat and Power plant, promise to make an even bigger impact.

On July 6, 2017, Ohio State transferred operation of utility systems that deliver heating, cooling and electricity to the Columbus campus to ENGIE Buckeye Operations on behalf of Ohio State Energy Partners.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Last month, Smart Campus Challenge winners, Wasted Opportunities, traveled to Paris, France during ENGIE’s Innovation week.

The first Smart Campus Challenge, presented by Ohio State Energy Partners, ENGIE and Axium Infrastructure, concluded in February and awarded all six finalists $144,000 dollars, combined, for their project proposals to make the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University more sustainable.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State Energy Partners (OSEP) sponsored and participated in a free public event showcasing sustainability and outreach across central Ohio and at The Ohio State University at the third annual WestFest event on Saturday, May 18 at Ohio State’s West Campus Quad.

WestFest showcases what Ohio State researchers and community partners are discovering to protect our environment, improve how we use our natural resources, and enhance our daily lives. During this event, people of all ages interacted with displays and hands-on activities highlighting the technology, discoveries and resources available across central Ohio.