Our Commitment

Our agreement with The Ohio State University is designed to conserve energy and further Ohio State’s academic mission.

Supporting Sustainability at Ohio State

We have made specific and meaningful commitments that will help Ohio State become an international leader.

Sustainability leadership

We’re helping Ohio State become an international leader in sustainability through implementation of innovative technologies and ideas.

Energy reduction

We’re helping Ohio State meet its goal of reducing overall energy consumption by a minimum of 25 percent within 10 years. To reach this goal, the partnership is designing a series of interrelated energy conservation projects tailored to Ohio State’s specific needs.

Cost reductions

We’re reducing operating and maintenance costs by ENGIE’s global O&M expertise and through new and improved technologies.

Service reliability

We’re committed to uninterrupted service and occupant comfort in all Columbus campus buildings.

Academic Collaboration

We’ve committed $150 million to support various academic collaboration initiatives including the Energy Advancement and Innovation Center, outside the scope of the Comprehensive Energy Management Project.


Energy conservation collaboration to help the university meet its energy efficiency goals.

Ohio State Energy Partners will collaborate with Ohio State to continuously look for ways to extend energy conservation measures across the entire campus, which the university will approve before implementation. These measures will help the university to meet or exceed its target reductions in overall energy consumption.

Current and Future Energy Efficiency Projects
Smart Meters

A smart meter is a digital communication tool that monitors, collects and communicates a building’s energy usage in real time. This technology was installed in over 350 campus buildings and provides crucial statistics to manage and reduce overall energy consumption.

Indoor Lighting

After an extensive campus audit, legacy lighting systems were replaced with energy-efficient LEDs in a variety of locations. These upgrades are generating energy savings and helping to standardize the lighting systems used throughout campus.

Outdoor Lighting

This project included the replacement of 1,786 outdoor lamps with LEDs and 449 discolored globes. The new lights are more energy efficient and provide a brighter glow for enhanced safety at night. The installation of Wi-Fi antennas/cables in 250 globes has improved network coverage throughout campus.

Building Energy Systems Optimization (BESO)

Over several phases of work, the HVAC systems within all Columbus campus buildings are being evaluated for energy-efficiency improvements. Energy conservation measures (ECMs) are then recommended based on the opportunities present in the system. Common ECMs include: heat recovery installations, adaptive occupancy optimizations, and condensate return improvements, among many others. Currently there are 5 approved BESO phases; the first 2 phases are substantially complete and accounted for 48 campus buildings.

Reaching our goals

The partnership will propose a series of interrelated energy conservation measures tailored to Ohio State’s specific needs. Future energy conservation measures utilizing the newest technologies will be developed in cooperation with the university.

Minimum of 25% reduction in energy consumption within 10 years.